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Posts published in “Day: August 6, 2020

Monsoon fury pulverises parts of Peninsular India

The 24 hours ending on Thursday morning generated some of the heaviest rainfall possible ever recorded at assorted areas in excess of Peninsular India, led by a incredible seventy one cm in excess of Vaibhavwadi (Sindhudurg district, Maharashtra) 58 cm at Avalanchi (Nigiris, Tamil Nadu) 49 cm at Bhagamandala (Kodagu) and 39 cm at Kottigehara (Chikkamagaluru, the two Karnataka). 

Next shut on the path (in cm) were being G Bazar, Koyna and Mumbai (Colaba)-33 each and every Uran-32 Roha-30 Bhira-29 Palghar-26 Shriwardhan-24 Radhanagri and Mandangarh-23 each and every Matheran-21 Mahabaleshwar -19 Gondia and Mumbai (Santacruz)-fifteen each and every Harnai-14 Kolhapur, Hoshangabad-11 each and every Alibagh and Darjeeling-10 across the rest of the place.

Effectively-marked lower weakens

 The India Meteorological Department (IMD) claimed significant to pretty significant right away rainfall with really falls fell in excess of Konkan & Goa Madhya Maharashtra Coastal and South Inside Karnataka Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

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