December 5, 2022


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8 Reasons to Purchase a Humidifier This Winter

Often when we hear the word “humidifier,” we assume that these units are only necessary for someone who is already sick. But when you live in a location where you have to endure intense winters, you need to remember that when there is a significant drop in temperature, there is also a drop in the humidity. 

If you find yourself dealing with cold, dry air, then there is not enough moisture. You can alleviate this problem with a home humidifier that is able to restore the moisture in your air back to healthy levels. If you are still trying to understand why this would even matter, here are eight reasons to purchase a humidifier this winter. 

1.) Protect Wood Furnishings 

If you are in possession of wooden bookshelves or furniture that you have inherited from family members that have sentimental value to you, then the last thing you want to have happen is to see it get damaged. If the air in your home gets too dry, it snatches the moisture out of the surrounding area and the wood as well. 

Use your humidifier this winter to keep the humidity levels up to par in order for your wood furnishings to remain protected. 

2.) Dry Skin Relief 

If humidifiers large room is the category that you need when purchasing a humidifier to cope with dry skin if you live in a sizable home and spend time in many different rooms throughout the day and night. 

Low humidity levels can irritate your skin and eyes. Therefore, if you find yourself frequently buying eye drops during the winter, being in serious need of moisturizer, or experiencing flare-ups of eye and skin conditions, then a humidifier in the winter can come to your rescue. 

3.) Reduced Static Shock 

Have you been noticing that each time you touch metal surfaces or brush your hair that you get that sudden zap of sharp static shock? This discomfort can be particularly frustrating during the course of the winter months when you find yourself having to wear coats and scarves that increase the frequency of static shocks. 

You can make use of dryer sheets to attempt to reduce static shocks, but it is highly likely that low humidity is the root of the problem. Purchasing a humidifier to use this winter can add more moisture to the air to get rid of the conditions that cause most of these static shocks to bring about more comfort to your clothing and your hair.  

4.) Increased Heat 

During the winter, you will want humidifiers large room sizes as a means of covering a bigger territory in your home that needs more heat, such as a master bedroom where you and your significant other sleep.  

Whether it seems counterintuitive or not, adding moisture back into the air in your home allows it to feel warmer because wetter air retains the heat that you are paying for your furnace to kick out. 

5.) Improved Airflow 

Although that dry winter air begins to feel refreshing, breathing it in a long-term capacity can strip the moisture from your lungs, mouth, and nose, leading to heavy coughing and more serious issues. 

Constantly breathing in dry air can make the symptoms of asthma even worse. Make these situations much easier to manage by purchasing a humidifier this winter and start breathing more comfortably. 

6.) May Prevent Snoring 

If you tend to breathe air through your mouth, it is truly difficult to prevent dryness from taking place, particularly when you happen to be sleeping. But by making good use of a humidifier, you are able to add moisture into the air and establish a more favorable situation that can help you out by soothing the tissues that are located in the back of your throat. 

Not only can using a humidifier help put snoring prevention measures in place, but you may find that you sleep more comfortably as well. 

Help your throat stay moist by running your humidifier throughout the day while also putting a pause on the irritation that comes from snoring. 

7.) Reduce Airborne Viruses 

Researchers have been suggesting that increasing the levels of humidity in hospitals can be an extra method of protecting those that are working inside and being treated for illnesses.  

It appears that moisture has the ability to thwart the movement of germs as they combine with moisture and simply drop because the airborne particles become too heavy to circulate around in the air. 

8.) Could Relieve Allergy Symptoms

Modern humidifiers are a strong method for you to alleviate the symptoms of allergies because newer humidifier models can be set to lower levels. Folks that suffer from allergies often feel more comfortable with heightened humidity because it may help soothe the tissues in the nasal passages and the throat area.