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Electronic Informed Consent in Clinical Research

Medidata is conducting a examine to have an understanding of the regulatory positions, adoption and the variability concerning digital informed consent (eConsent) close to the globe. This physical exercise has come about because of to the substantial number of regulatory relevant inquiries Medidata receives from sponsors and companies controlling trials in exploration. The everyday living science marketplace is keen to have the selection to leverage digital indicates for consenting demo members but are unsure of the regulatory positions on the subject. The only way to request clarity on this subject was to specifically have interaction with relevant authorities.

The examine initially concentrated on the nations around the world in the European geographic area but has progressed to other regions together with Asia Pacific and the Americas. The examine prioritized nations around the world exactly where there was an aspiration to benefit from digital informed consent by companies jogging clinical trials.

This white paper is the first in a collection to offer an overview of findings from the Medidata eConsent examine as it progresses and as we attain further feedback from relevant bodies. This paper highlights the essential themes that various bodies have so significantly communicated.