April 14, 2024


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Ministry of Agriculture asks States and agencies to be vigilant about suspicious seed parcels

Pursuing the BusinessLine story about Nationwide Seed Association of India (NSAI) asking the Centre to put its agencies on high inform in opposition to Chinese seeds penetrating into Indian fields, the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare has issued an workplace memorandum on the matter. Stating that unsolicited seed parcels can be a threat to India’s bio-variety, the Ministry has questioned Point out Agriculture Departments, agriculture universities, seed associations, certification agencies, seed businesses and the ICAR to be vigilant about suspicious seed parcels.

The workplace memorandum mentions that the Division of Agriculture has discovered the threat of unsolicited/ suspicious seed parcels in mislabelled deals from unknown sources ended up described in a lot of nations. “Since final several months, hundreds of such suspicious seed shipments have been described throughout the world” the memorandum mentioned putting agencies in India on inform.

BusinessLine on August 4 had released a story ‘NSAI warns of Chinese seeds of terror’. The NSAI has not observed any Chinese seeds in the Indian marketplace to day, but had issued an inform on the foundation of an International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) warning on the entry of suspicious seeds in the Indian marketplace.

“We welcome the government’s memorandum on seed contamination threats. The seed officers have been steadfast in dealing with this possible threat. We request the govt all over again, to act in the exact way to control seed terrorism destroying the cotton seed sector, and punish all those dependable for obtaining illegal HT cotton seeds in the nation too” stated Indra Shekhar Singh, Director-Policy and Outreach, NSAI. He included that by enacting our biodiversity legislation, the govt will control the ₹300 crore illegal trade and ship a clear concept to all the other bio-pirates and seed terrorists, that India are not able to be messed wit