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Cloudflare Opts for AMD Rome CPUs over Intel XEONs in Stack Overhaul

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A large, public vote of confidence in AMD’s new CPUs

Cloudflare has opted for AMD’s marquee new AMD EPYC 7642 processors in excess of the Intel chips that have earlier driven its compute-intense infrastructure — which serves on regular eleven million HTTP requests per next.

The announcement by San Francisco-based mostly Cloudflare, which supplies DNS resolution, information supply and safety instruments, is a big fillip for AMD, which has been generating progressively higher inroads on Intel’s dominance.

Cloudflare has earlier operate its infrastructure on Intel chips: from Xeon E5-2630 v3s in 2015 through to Xeon Platinum 6162 in its “Gen 9” 2018 stack. (The new AMD CPUs will be additional to current server generations, it claimed).

With Cloudflare functioning infrastructure in 200 metropolitan areas throughout in excess of ninety countries, it’s a sweeping vote of confidence in AMD’s effectiveness. The move follows head-to-head testing by the enterprise

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