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We’re focused on results: Yours, not just ours

It commences with our one of a kind construction. Vanguard is owned by the resources, which in transform are owned by their traders (you). That usually means we don’t have to generate earnings for outside proprietors or general public shareholders.

But that is not the place the story ends. We’re regularly searching for opportunities to give you with a lot more value and assistance increase your odds for investing accomplishment.

It’s not just about lower fees (but it partly is)

Below are the most new illustrations of how we’re doing work to give you the best value on your investments:

  • Saying lower cost ratios, once more and once more. We’re reporting lower bills on five resources and ETFs. You might have observed our announcement in December that we decreased cost ratios on 56 resources and ETFs (trade-traded resources) in 2019. We’re continue to at it. Below are the five resources
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