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Quantifying the future of remote work

Some of you might be looking through this website from a household workstation you configured as efforts have been undertaken to hold workers protected from COVID-19. I talked over in a the latest website how these types of work-from-household arrangements symbolize a sharp acceleration of a development that was presently underneath way ahead of COVID-19. But the significant dilemma for the U.S. economic system is how quite a few work, and what sorts, could permanently turn out to be remote a hundred% of the time, even after an helpful vaccine is inevitably dispersed?

The respond to could have plain consequences on workers, companies, and the economic system. For case in point, if tech workers can just as conveniently do their work from household workplaces in Toledo or Tulsa or Topeka, do Silicon Valley corporations need wide California campuses? And what would that suggest for enterprises that count on these types

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