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UK government set to pull plug on MBA apprenticeships

A controversial MBA apprenticeship plan that authorized firms in England to ship senior executives to company college with money earmarked for on-the-occupation education is established to be axed.

The go to scrap the qualification was discovered when the Institute for Apprenticeships and Specialized Education, which administers apprenticeship criteria, printed a revised list of apprenticeship criteria pursuing suggestions from employers with all reference to MBAs eradicated.

The selection is predicted to be confirmed in early June when the authorities is due to publish a assessment of MBA apprenticeships. 

The inclusion of MBAs as component of the government’s apprenticeship plan was widely criticised as it diverted a massive proportion of the funding away from workplace education. The funding for apprenticeships will come from a levy launched in 2017 that needs employers with once-a-year wage expenses higher than £3m to established aside an equal of .five for every of their payroll.

Below levy

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