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Interest rates outlook: Lower for longer


Tim Buckley: I want to pivot to what we contact the rate side of factors, in which we imagine fascination rates are likely, searching forward. If we imagine about central financial institution policy, I really do not know how to describe it. I imply, the adjectives you listen to people throw all about. You listen to “unprecedented,” you listen to that all the time. You could say “significant,” “monumental.” You could use them all together.

What we’ve seen from the Fed, nicely, fairly outstanding. What we’ve seen on the fiscal stimulus side of factors, nicely, you could say the same. What does that imply for rates likely forward? What does that imply for inflation? How do you fellas imagine about it in your fastened revenue workforce?

John Hollyer: Yes, we’re contemplating a whole lot about rates and these critical monetary policy points you designed, which are happening in

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