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Business schools are reckoning with their poor record on race

The small business faculty at City, University of London, is beginning a reckoning with the previous. Past month, its governing council voted to remove Sir John Cass from the small business school’s title for the reason that of the 18th-century English merchant’s position in the Royal African Company, which then held the British monopoly on the transatlantic slave trade.

The school’s involvement with Cass only dates back 18 years, when it transformed its title right after accepting a £5m donation from Sir John Cass’s Basis, a charitable entire body the merchant produced to guidance education and learning in London.

In the US, higher education and learning establishments are acknowledging previous lively involvement with slavery. The motion began in theological seminaries — to start with at Virginia Theological Seminary, which previous September produced a $1.7m fund to make reparations for obtaining made use of enslaved people today as labour on its

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