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Trump Administration Pushes Russia for Arms Control Deal by Election

WASHINGTON—The Trump administration is pressing Russia to conclude an settlement freezing the amount of nuclear warheads before the Nov. three U.S. election, a stage that would present President Trump with a diplomatic accomplishment in the ultimate months of his election marketing campaign, according to a individual common with U.S. strategies.

The quickening pace of the arms control conversations is portion of a broader push by the White Residence to burnish its foreign plan file before the presidential election.

Such an settlement, proponents of Mr. Trump’s method say, could also condition anticipations for a long run treaty under an administration led by Democrat Joe Biden if Mr. Trump loses on Nov. three.

In September, Mr. Trump hosted the signing of a diplomatic-normalization accord amongst Israel and two Arab Gulf states.

Recalling his claims to scale back the U.S. military’s involvement in the Middle East, Mr. Trump has also slash the amount

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