December 6, 2023


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Understand the Importance of Cyber ​​Security for Companies

All new innovations that appear always come in a package, including: the benefits of using it as well as the threats that lurk. Likewise with the implementation of information technology (IT) systems in the company. He has the potential to be threatened with cyber attacks.

Cyber ​​security for companies actually has a simple goal, namely protecting computer-based devices and company-owned data in them from unauthorized and unexpected access, illegal data changes, and other potential damage.

Reason of Importance Cyber Security

The reason is, a report from Cybersecurity Venture in collaboration with Herjavec Group in the 2017 Cybercrime Report shows that from day to day the type of damage caused by this cyber attack is increasing. The targeted parties did not indiscriminately. Moreover, the number of companies that are moving to online activities is increasing, including those engaged in advertising, sales, finding new market share, customer contact, employee recruitment, to financial transactions. Seeing the importance of the types of businesses that are in direct contact with the technology, of course the company does not expect any attempts to sabotage existing company data and transactions.

So, what are the things that are vulnerable to cyber attacks?

When it comes to network systems, almost any aspect can be attacked: transactions, hardware, IT-based services, customer data, and other sensitive information.

In addition, cyber attacks can also manifest several things, including: theft or illegal takeover of access to computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices owned by companies; attacks on IT systems and websites remotely; to the theft of company information that happens to be entrusted to third party systems such as in cloud services.

Of the various potential threats that exist, in fact there are still many companies who are unfamiliar with the impact of losses that can occur. So, incident response from companies are urgent, unlike the case with attacks or thefts in general, the losses of cyber attacks can actually be greater because they can target multiple points at the same time.

Financial Losses

If that happens, the company can suffer financial losses (loss of stored funds), increased costs for recovering and replacing components of the attacked device, damage to the company’s reputation, to serial damage because the system is connected to many other companies.