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What You Need to Know About Oval Cut Diamonds

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The Pros and Cons of Oval-Cut Diamonds

Oval-cut diamond is one of the most recommended shapes for an engagement ring. The reason behind this is its larger appearance. The elongated form of the oval cut diamond makes it unique in appearance and makes the finger of the wearer thinner and longer in appearance. That’s why most women prefer them on their engagement rings. Read more on facts about oval diamonds before you make your purchase. 

Are Oval Diamonds Good?

When it comes to durability, brilliance, and style oval cut diamonds have excellent ratings. It has the same brilliance as round diamonds but a more unique shape. Having no sharp corners makes it safer from chipping. As a buyer, you can determine if the oval-shaped diamond is ideal for you or the receiver if given as a gift. So it is important to know the preference of the one who will be wearing the diamond. Oval-cut diamonds can be ideal for people who want something sparkly but unique. 

What Is Important in Oval Diamond?

There are several reasons why oval diamonds are important and here are some of them:

  • Oval-cut diamonds can be matched with any setting because of their adaptability. This means you can choose from a wide variety of settings if you plan for a customized design. Ovals can also be ideal for any jewelry.
  • Four or six-prong settings can be dealt with to be able to protect and hold the oval cut diamond in place. This setting can also highlight the shape of the oval diamond. Plus they are ideal for vintage and trending settings, they are flexible enough to blend with any setting and style. 
  • When choosing oval diamonds the color grades G to H can be more ideal than D to F. However it will still be your choice to choose the color grade you wish for your oval diamond. 
  • Due to the shape of the oval diamond, its flaws and imperfections are hard to see. This means you can use a lower clarity grade and still make your jewelry look flawless, especially if the inclusions are found on the art where settings are attached. 

How Important Is the Cut of an Oval Diamond?

For every shape of diamonds, a standard cut should be followed to get excellent durability and appearance. For oval cut diamonds the measurement is as follows: The depth should be 58-62%, very thin to slightly thick girdle, no culet, and length/ width ratio should be 1.35 to 1.50. Getting an excellent cut can assure the longevity and durability of your diamond. So buying from jewelers or diamond dealers who have an expert diamond cutter can be ideal. 

Do Oval Diamonds Show More Color?

With oval ct diamonds having a bigger table means they can produce more sparkle since they can absorb more lights. The brilliance of round and oval diamonds of the same carat size is also equal or oval cut diamonds can have more brilliance if light is evenly distributed. 

What Does an Oval Diamond Say About You?

The oval diamond is ideal for people who are smart, creative, and unique. Just Like the shape, they are not too trendy but they love doing what they love. Choosing an ova;l shape diamond can be a way to say that you are a unique person just like the diamond on your ring. 

Are Oval Cut Diamonds Popular?

Oval diamonds start to top the list of most popular diamonds in 2020 and are still trending now. However, in making decisions on what shape of diamond to pick. don’t focus too much on what’s in and what’s not. Since the choice will always be yours. If the oval shape fits your personality then go for it whether it’s popular or not. 

Reading about everything you need to know about oval cut diamonds before shopping can help you find the perfect oval diamond for you or someone else. Diamonds are pricey and precious, that’s why allotting time and effort is important before making the final purchase. So do your part as a buyer and be wise enough to familiarize yourself with oval cut diamonds. Make your purchase something you won’t regret by getting enough knowledge about diamonds before buying them.

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