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What you should know about flight cancellations

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Not knowing if you will make it to the airport on time is the main worry; however, flight cancellations have left many stranded in an airport, unsure about what to do and if they can get their money back. Therefore there are many online reviews to pass the time for waiting for a new flight. If you want compensation for your cancelled flight, a business such as Flight-Delayed.co.uk can do it for you. 

What causes flights to be cancelled

Have you ever found yourself waiting patiently at the airport for your flight only to find out that your flight is no longer departing because it got cancelled? Hopefully, this will help clarify why flights get cancelled. Firstly, and maybe the most obvious answer, is security. If there are any security breaches or concerns, this could cause your flight to stay grounded. Secondly, the weather is often the main reason for flight cancellations. Thirdly, surprisingly, if there are not enough passengers on the aeroplane, your flight can be cancelled as it is not economical to fly. Fourthly, if there is not enough cabin crew or a pilot, your flight will be cancelled; this is mainly due to overbooking and primarily happens during the festive periods. Lastly, the cancellation of your flight may be due to the pilot being unfit to fly. A pilot being declared unfit could be due to mental or physical issues. 

When you are guaranteed compensation

Although airlines often compensate their passengers if they cancel their fight, this is not always the case. There are specific circumstances to receive compensation. For example, the airline is responsible for the cancellation check-in for your flight, and no other alternate flights are available. It might be beneficial to read up on the airline’s guidelines when issuing refunds and rewards.   

How you will receive compensation for a cancelled flight 

Being refunded for a cancelled flight is not as simple as one would think. Therefore it is essential to read up on what you are entitled to. For example, if the airline cancels your flight, you are entitled to be fully refunded, including any additional flights you might have had to take. In addition, additional funds for any extra costs that the inconvenience might have caused you, and lastly, a replacement flight to get you to your destination. 

How long your refund might take 

Depending on how you booked your flight and if you purchased a package deal or not, this can impact when you might receive your refund. For example, if you went along and booked yourself a package deal, you are entitled to be refunded within 14 days. However, if you only booked for a flight, your airline has up to seven days to refund you. Additionally, how you pay for your ticket will also affect how quickly you receive compensation, as each payment method has a different set of criteria.  

It can be frustrating when your flight is cancelled due to unsafe weather conditions or a security breach. Making sure you receive your money back is crucial. It is beneficial to read up on your rights if this happens to you. Many companies will go through the hassle of claiming your refund.   

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