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5 Ways Debt Can be Used to Make Money

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Debt is arguably one of the most dreaded words in the world. Everyone everywhere is either trying to stay away from debt or get out of debt. There are so many reasons why people are scared of debts and you can read some of these reasons on Luminablog

For many years, people have written books, organized seminars, and curated courses to teach people about different investing options and other ways to get out and stay away from debts. What if debts are not all that bad after all? See these 5 ways that you can harness debt to amass wealth.

  1. Forex Trading: 

In September 1992, George Soros a Hungarian-born hedge fund manager made one billion dollars by selling the British pound. A billion dollars a day sounds like a lot of money, which shows you how much you can make from the forex industry. 

As of June 2021, the forex market was worth over two quadrillion dollars. Honestly, there is more than enough for everyone to gain from this market. So if you are in debt, you can learn the ropes of forex trading and make more money than you can spend in a lifetime – from your debt. 

As a forex trader, you make money by trading currencies against each other. With only a small amount of money, you can get leverage that will allow you to stock profit while minimizing your risk. It is, however, very important that you study the market because you can lose all your money and be in even more debt. 

  1. Hedge Fund: 

Hedge funds are a great option for you if you do not have the time to start studying the market and you don’t mind giving someone your money to invest for you. Hedge fund companies will take your money, find profitable businesses that will help you increase the value of your money in a quick time, and invest the money for you. 

Hedge funds invest in different kinds of markets from real estate to currencies and so on. As someone who is trying to make a lot of money from debts, you should know that the main aim of all hedge funds is to maximize profit and minimize risks. 

  1. Short Selling: 

This is buying or borrowing shares a company’s shares and selling them right before they decrease in value. You have to be very careful so that you sell at the right time but if it works well, you will not just be out of debt, but you will also be financially free. 

  1. ETFs: 

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) allow you to track different assets – commodities, stocks, indexes, etc – and trade on them on the stock exchange market through a brokerage firm. The profit in this market is very high and you can pump from grass to grace in a very short while.

  1. Margin Trading: 

Margin trading allows you to take a trader or buy a stock even if you don’t have the amount required. When you deposit your equity, your broker will add the rest and you can make a profit. 


It is high time that people stopped seeing debts as a bad place to be. If your financial situation is not pleasing to you, you can get loans and invest in any of these options and you could spend your next summer holiday at your favorite tourist destination. 

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