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How to Be Successful Selling Amazon Wholesale - FeedbackWhiz

More than two-thirds of Amazon vendors sell private label products. Wholesalers account for over a third of the total. These two techniques outperform retail or online arbitrage and become a dropshipping merchants. You can Go Now to the Amazon website to know more. Wholesale and private label are distinct in their own right, each with advantages and disadvantages. 

  • Get everything you need in one location.

Access the wholesale market to acquire a more extensive selection of products at wholesale pricing with a GST invoice, more savings, and an ever-growing set of tools to help you operate a more efficient B2B purchasing process.

  • Make purchasing easier.

Improve your B2B purchasing operations and increase efficiency throughout your company.

  • Prepared for any situation

By obtaining the necessary support to serve your unique and ever-changing demands, you can turn wholesale purchasing into a value generator for your company.

  • Transform & Evolve

Transform your B2B procurement procedures with innovations that will elevate your company.

What exactly is wholesale?

Buying things in bulk and then selling each unit on Amazon is wholesaling. Wholesale products vary from most other products in one crucial way. They are already-existing products with Amazon product listings. So, if you want to sell wholesale on Amazon, you’ll effectively be a reseller that adds units to current product listings.

Costs and Profitability in Wholesale

Selling wholesale on Amazon, for example, has reduced start-up costs. Almost half of all Amazon wholesale sellers spent less than $2500 to start their firm. This is because purchasing things in bulk usually results in significant savings. Furthermore, because they are reselling well-known goods, wholesalers do not need to invest in marketing their items. Most Amazon FBA wholesalers earn more than $50000 each month in profit. Many sellers find wholesale appealing because the start-up costs are low and the profit margins are high! It offers a level of security that no other method can match.

Pros and Cons Amazon Wholesale

Wholesale, despite having a reduced start-up cost, has advantages and disadvantages. The majority of the benefits arise from the fact that the brand you’re reselling for handles the majority of the business processes, such as:


  • There’s no need to develop new product listings for an established company.
  • Because you don’t have to create your brand, wholesaling takes less time.
  • You are not responsible for dealing with IP infringements; the brand owner is.
  • There are no advertising or marketing charges because the products are already in high demand.
  • Because wholesale products are acquired locally, replenishment times are shorter.
  • It’s simple to scale your firm since you’ll almost certainly get more brand deals if one brand takes you on.


  • Partnerships with well-known brands are challenging, and you must genuinely add value to their operations.
  • It would be best to place high-volume orders regularly, which necessitates a large replenishment budget.
  • To resell any products on Amazon, you’ll need a wholesale license/permit, which the appropriate authorities must approve.
  • Price erosion will occur as other resellers sell identical products.
  • The battle for the Buy Box is fierce among resellers, especially for well-known goods.
  • As a business owner, you must maintain a positive connection with brand owners, which means you have more minor liberties.
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