June 18, 2024


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Faith And The No List Virus

The No List Virus is spreading rapidly at retail store check out counters across the country. Common responses to customer questions by store clerks are a follow:

1. No, you can’t use that coupon. It has expired.

2. No, that item is not on sale. I don’t care what the store flyer says.

3. No, we don’t carry that here.

4. No, we can’t order it for you.

5. No, you can’t order less than a pound.

6. No, the manager is not available.

7. No, you can’t have 2 flavors of ice cream in the small cup.

8. No, I can’t do that.

9. No, I won’t do that.

10. No, you can’t substitute one item for another.

My fellow Americans, I beseech you, is this any way to run a country? What ever happened to customer service? What ever happened to faith in our fellow man or woman? What ever happened to the Yes List? What ever happened to Gods commandments to be kind and caring?

Yes List items that have been excluded include:

1. Yes, I would love to carry your packages to the car.

2. Yes, I can help you find that.

3. Yes, I can sell you half a loaf.

4. Yes, we can order that in your size for you.

5. Yes, you can have 2 flavors of ice cream in the small cup.

6. Yes, The manager will be right with you.

7. Yes, you can substitute that item for the other one.

8. Yes, you can buy less than a pound.

9. Yes, you can use that coupon even though the expiration date was last week.

10. Yes, I will be happy to do that for you.

Corporate Gurus wake up. Where is your faith in your customers? Where is your customer service? How about making the world a friendlier place to live in? Where is your faith in God?

As you can see, I have been having some problems in retail stores lately, how about you? How about being a little kinder when it’s your turn to say yes or no? How about having a little faith in your fellow man or woman? You do want to be considered a person of faith, don’t you?

Please help us get rid of the No List Virus. How about a return to civility? The world may be watching. It’s not just the overhead cameras in retail stores that you have to worry about, God may be watching too.

© Copyright Arthur Levine 2006

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