November 29, 2023


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Great business ideas to start in Canada

Small Business Ideas to Start in Canada for 2021 - Young and Thrifty

Are you looking to start your own business in Canada? There are so many options for great business ideas that you may be overwhelmed with choice.

All great companies started with an idea. All you need is a little creativity, a good business plan, and sound financial advice to get your company off the ground and bring in profits. To start a business in Canada, you will need financial assistance in the form of a loan. For the best loan companies in Canada, reading reviews on sites like can help you whittle down your list of possible companies to approach. Click on the links to learn more about reviews on loans and lending companies in Canada, and which companies provide the best financial assistance for your new business.

What are some of the markets that I can start a business in?

When starting a business, it is a terrific idea to look at the current markets in Canada. Which markets are over-saturated with companies in a specific industry? And which are seriously lacking in options for customers needing those services?

We have identified the markets that are currently needing more resources and options in terms of companies to provide a service.

#1: Real Estate

People buy and sell houses every day. There is always a need for real estate agencies in the flourishing economy in Canada. From houses to condos and office space, there is always a need for advice and assistance from a real estate agent when purchasing or renting a property for home or business use. Research neighborhoods that need more real estate involvement and get into the industry by starting your own real estate agency.

#2: Storage

There might come a time when someone needs to move into a smaller property and wish to store their bigger belongings. What facilities are available for this? Storage facilities are needed more than you would think. When browsing internet forums, it becomes clear that the amount of storage facilities in Canada is low. Start a storage business and help people safely store their belongings. While this requires a large capital investment, the returns on your investment will be money well spent.

#3: Waste management and disposal

When companies move premises, there is often a lot of items that are discarded as they are no longer needed at the new premises. A company that removes the waste and handles it correctly is a great business idea. Services that the business could provide are things like e-waste, recycling, removing old furniture, and general refuse removal. Partner with companies that offer recycling for e-waste like old computers, hard drives, software, etc., and dispose of these ethically and resourcefully.

#4: Fitness and recreational sports

More and more we see people start their fitness journeys to live healthier lives and shed a few kilos. A personal trainer is a great person to help them achieve their fitness goals. Start a personal training business and coach train people in the privacy of their own homes. The convenience of this service is a sure winner.


Once you have come up with an idea and a name for your business, create a well-detailed business plan. You will need this to secure funding for your new business.