October 2, 2023


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Is it possible to earn a JD Degree online?

How Long Does It Take to Get a Law Degree Online? - St Francis School of Law

Getting your Juris Doctor degree can advance your career while giving you useful knowledge and abilities that you can apply to your daily life. A J.D. degree may open up new professional prospects for you that you might not have had otherwise.

Returning to school to earn a legal degree can feel like a distant dream to many adults. You could believe that managing a career and a family is already difficult and that a four-year degree won’t be able to fit into your schedule. An online school can be the best choice for you if you want to get a law degree while still being able to work.

A flexible option to learn a new skill while managing your career and personal life is through online institutions. And at St. Francis School of Legal, we’ve developed a cutting-edge and practical solution for you to obtain your law degree from the convenience of your home.

What is a J.D. Degree?

Before taking the bar exam, every attorney must possess a Juris Doctor (often referred to as a J.D.). Students pursuing a J.D. degree gain foundational legal knowledge in a variety of fields, including:

  • Wills and Estates
  • Contracts
  • Trusts
  • Torts
  • Criminal Law
  • Real Property
  • Civil Procedures
  • Criminal Procedures
  • Constitutional Law
  • Community Property
  • Business Associations
  • Evidence

Students normally need a bachelor’s degree from an authorised institution and a grade point average of 2.5 or above in order to enrol in a J.D. programme. On a J.D. school application, master’s degrees also appear wonderful, especially if they are in fields like commerce, legal studies, or political science. Aspiring law students can select a J.D. degree programme that fits their lifestyle after completing the necessary prerequisites.

How long does it take to get a law degree online?

Getting a legal degree might differ by state and institution. The majority of people typically need between three and five years to get their J.D. both on-campus and online.

Our four-year J.D. programme at St. Francis School of Law requires you to finish at least 130 quarter credits of coursework, which includes mandatory law subjects as well as select electives including Administrative Law, Federal Income Taxation, Professional Skills, and Trial Advocacy.

How can a J.D. degree help further your career?

A J.D. will teach you a variety of practical skills in addition to important legal concepts. As you complete the coursework, your writing and research abilities will advance, and you’ll learn fresh approaches to solving difficulties as well as new ways to think analytically. These abilities are a benefit in any career.

A J.D. can help you advance in other rewarding job fields even if you are not interested in working for a law firm. Numerous positions are open to those with a law degree, including:

  • Politician
  • Entrepreneur
  • Analyst
  • Law Librarian
  • Legal Editor
  • HR Director
  • FBI Agent
  • Lobbyist
  • Literary Agent
  • Investment Advisor
  • Real Estate Agent

The legal knowledge and practical professional skills you will develop in the St. Francis School of Law J.D. programme will help you succeed no matter what career path you select.

How would it be to go back to school as an adult?

You can advance your profession by returning to school and gaining the information and self-assurance you need. However, going to school and spending many hours a day in a classroom when you already have a work and a family seems nearly impossible.

That is why many adult learners opt to complete their degrees online, which offers a better work-life balance without reducing educational options.

Even with the adaptability and convenience of online learning, returning to school to get your law degree might occasionally seem overwhelming. Here are some pointers to assist you in achieving your new objective:

1. Pick a school that fits your requirements

Try to select a school that recognises the needs of adults when you are looking for one. Students who are entering graduate school immediately after college have distinct demands than those who are students who have families and careers. An excellent school for working people recognises the difficulties that their students face with their schedules and works with them to make sure that they have enough time to study and comprehend the material.

2. Understand that not all online institutions are same

Adults who are working frequently choose to attend online schools. However, some online institutions work harder to guarantee that their students receive a top-notch education.

Selecting a school that satisfies academic quality criteria, offers a comprehensive educational experience with a diversified curriculum, and has a helpful staff is vital. Although there are many advantages to online learning, it also needs a lot of assistance from teachers and staff to keep students engaged and from falling behind. Make careful to enquire about the staff’s involvement and availability when comparing various online schools.

3. Manage your schedule

Having a full-time job and returning to school can be scary. But striking the appropriate balance between your employment, school, and personal life is the secret to accomplishing your academic goals. Talk to your family about it before deciding to return to school. Ask them whether they would be willing to help with some of your household duties while you are away for a significant portion of the day.

Every week, it’s a good idea to sit down and create a precise schedule of everything that has to be done. You can arrange your other activities and commitments once you’ve noted your work and school hours. 

Why choose Abraham Lincoln University?

We at Abraham Lincoln University work hard to provide you with the top J.D. online. programme. We provide a cutting-edge educational opportunity that is especially tailored to your success.

The following are some benefits of attending Abraham Lincoln University:

  • In-person instruction: At Abraham Lincoln, we go to you to bring the classroom to you. We provide live lectures and in-person interactions with your teachers and students during our online courses.
  • Small class size: The typical class has around 15 students, which enables the instructors to give you more one-on-one attention and facilitates participation in class discussions.
  • Diverse faculty: With strong qualifications and a wealth of real-world experience, our professors can help you not only study the content, but also fully grasp it so you can use it to advance your career.
  • Non-profit organization: Your education is our top priority. The first non-profit online law school is Abraham Lincoln. Because we are a not-for-profit organisation, we devote our time and resources to providing our students with a unique and enriching educational experience rather than to advancing our own interests.
  • Strict curriculum: You will learn the fundamentals of the law in our varied and interesting courses. Your performance in our curriculum will be challenged, and it will help you gain proficiency in a number of areas, including problem-solving and critical thinking. We don’t instruct you on legal theory, in contrast to other online law schools. Instead, we concentrate on practical issues and how to apply your legal knowledge to resolve them.
  • Effective support system: Our faculty as a whole is committed to your success. Our professors and other staff members are on hand to assist you with your coursework and to provide any information you may need.

Our four guiding principles at Abraham Lincoln University are excellence, integrity, openness, and innovation. We are aware that picking the best law school is a significant decision. Putting a lot of effort into providing the greatest possible online learning experience for each and every one of our students. We are committed to supporting your success because we genuinely understand the needs of our students and the difficulties that many students encounter when trying to finish their education while juggling careers.

Is Law School Worth It?

For many students, law school is indeed worthwhile. Every day, lawyers are needed. Some assist companies in running their operations. Others assist in the adoption of children or the incarceration of offenders. Opportunities exist for lawyers to work in private practise, government, or corporate settings.

Over the following ten years, there will be a rise in demand for lawyers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. There will be a 9% growth in legal employment over that time. Furthermore, as present attorneys retire, there can be more openings.

Can You Get a Law Degree Online?

Yes, online JD programmes are offered. Others are set up as hybrid programmes, while some are offered entirely online.

There would be a mix of online and in-person classes in a hybrid curriculum. The program’s on-campus components may be delivered over weekend sessions or brief, intensive courses lasting a week. The American Bar Association may also accredit online legal education programmes. There are a few entirely online programmes as well as a number of hybrid programmes.

Before applying, it is wise to choose an online curriculum that complies with your state’s standards for licensure.

How Many Years Is Law School Online?

Whether you attend school full- or part-time will determine how long your legal education will last. Whether taken online or on-campus, full-time legal education typically lasts three years. However, some intensive programmes can be finished in as short as two years.

For working professionals, online legal studies are frequently offer in a part-time model. When studying law part-time, it could take 3.5 or 4 years to complete your degree due to the smaller course loads each semester.