June 13, 2024


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Make Employee Experience The North Star Of Your Workforce Technology Agenda

Staff that believe that their IT section is focused on supporting their efficiency are much more probably to be engaged in their perform. In response, savvy CIOs are prioritizing the employee experience (EX) very important as a cornerstone of their workforce technology agendas.

Dell commissioned Forrester Consulting to consider the relationship among EX and organization computing. Forrester done an on-line survey with 3,052 data staff across the globe to check out: one) how employees understand IT 2) how effectively IT offers applications/equipment, ecosystem, and assist and 3) how they check out their overall employee experience. Forrester also done an on-line survey with one,186 IT leaders across the globe to understand current and long term Laptop lifecycle management deployment designs. This paper provides with each other the results of these two studies to illustrate the rewards of supporting great EX as a result of technology and the path enterprises really should get to seize these rewards.

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