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WordPress plugins that you absolutely must have!

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Many websites are nowadays created using WordPress. However, it is one of the best functioning platforms that offers a lot of possibilities thanks to the use of unique plugins. This way, anyone can personalise their own site to make it user-friendly and functional from the owner’s side. Which plugins are a must?

Add-ons worth having

Many ready-made solutions are available on the market today. However, each person running an online business may have their own needs. Thus, it creates a need for providing personalized WordPress plugins. These types of solutions can be sourced through Cut2Code, for example. Those who are content with the available plugins should check out the following suggestions, which are literally winning the hearts of users!

One of the most important things when running an online business is proper search engine visibility. For this reason, you should optimise your website for SEO. To improve this process, it is worth using Yoast SEO, which allows you to make both basic and more advanced settings for this process. It is a solution that has been downloaded over a million times, so it is the best example of the effectiveness of this plug-in.

If you run a blog or an online shop, you should know that slow-loading pages can be a real nuisance and an effective way to scare your visitors away. If you want to constantly monitor the speed of your website, it is worth using the P3 plug-in which tests the website and creates a report indicating which installed extensions have the greatest impact on the loading speed. In this way, the website owner will be able to analyse exactly on which side the problem lies and use more optimised options.

When running a blog, a very important element is contact with the people reading the entries and having discussions with them. For this purpose, it is worth using a proven plug-in – Disqus, which implements a commenting system. It is worth knowing that it is another quite efficient and popular solution that can be found practically on every blog.

It is also worth automating the process of securing your website through backups. For this purpose, BackUP WordPress, which automatically creates backups according to the set schedule, will be perfect. This way, the site owner does not have to remember to perform this task, which can be difficult in a busy schedule. 

In terms of security, Rename WP Login is also worth using. This is a plugin that changes the standard /wp-admin URL code to one that is known only to the site owner. In this way, many attacks can be avoided, which will significantly increase data security.

To sum up, thanks to WordPress it is possible to prepare a good-looking and functional website, which can be used as a blog or a shop. It is worth spending some of your time looking for information about additional possibilities offered by WordPress service. By customising the plugins, you can gain a lot, especially taking into account the safety of sensitive data of your users, thus it’s important to choose the correct ones.

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