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Posts published in “Day: February 17, 2021

Dutch Ministry of Defense signs contract for modern and flexible IT

Press Release revealed by the Dutch Ministry of Protection (in Dutch below) :


Point out Secretary Barbara Visser of Protection signed a agreement with IBM, on behalf of the current market consortium Athena (IBM / Atos / Unica) to get started in 2021 with the realization of a renewed, future-proof IT infrastructure. Emphasis will be on the IT infrastructure-areas that have the most additional worth for operational steps. The Ministry of Protection company units are closely included in this.

The Groundbreaking IT (GrIT) software is intended to provide a entirely renewed IT infrastructure for Protection. GrIT will acquire and realize a reliable, safe, future-proof and flexible IT infrastructure and solutions for the upcoming ten a long time.

“Technology and the wise use of details perform a essential role for Protection,” claims Secretary of Point out Barbara Visser. “GrIT stems from this requirement and provides for the renewal of

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