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Posts published in “Day: April 5, 2021

Cotton growers may face seed shortage as they prepare to expand acreage

Source of cottonseeds may well develop into restricted in the coming kharif time if farmers make your mind up to grow the spot beneath the fibre crop going by the large price that prevailed during the recent time to September. Cottonseed creation and excellent ended up impacted previous 12 months owing to extreme rains in the vital generating Point out of Telangana and some sections of Tamil Nadu.

“Due to steady rains previous 12 months, there was great deal of damage to seed creation in Telangana and Tamil Nadu. In Telangana, the largest producer of cottonseeds, creation dropped 20-25 for every cent. As a consequence, there might be a restricted supply situation this kharif time if the need goes up,” mentioned M Ramaswami, Founder, Rasi Seeds, the largest player in the phase.

Cotton is cultivated during the kharif time starting June and the crop is harvested from September-end onwards with

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