September 25, 2023


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A horticulture expert’s efforts make Kolar jackfruit farm a tourist attraction

The endeavours of a horticulture qualified in the early 70s to boost the potential of jackfruit would seem to be yielding fruits now. A superior instance for this is a jackfruit farm set up by late Mari Gowda, the father of horticulture in Karnataka, who was also the Director of Horticulture in the condition in the 70s, in Kolar district of Karnataka.

BG Prakash, Dean of Faculty of Horticulture, Tamaka, Kolar district, stated the Tamaka jackfruit farm in the district was founded in the 70s by late Mari Gowda. He took endeavours to carry distinctive varieties of jackfruit from a variety of destinations in the place, and cultivate them in a dry-land region like Kolar.

With all-around 1600 jackfruit trees, this farm is almost certainly one particular of the premier jackfruit farms in the place. He stated that 49 varieties of jackfruit are grown in this farm.

Stating that jackfruit crop has been attracting the attention of a lot of people now, he stated Tamaka jackfruit farm will get all-around 10,000 visitors a yr. A superior range of students are also browsing this farm, he stated.

Prakash stated this while offering the inaugural deal with at a webinar on ‘jackfruit as crop of future’, organised by the Tamaka-based Faculty of Horticulture on Friday. The college or university, which arrived into existence in 2009, is taking care of this farm now.

Nagaraj KS, Assistant Professor at Fruit Science Office of the college or university, who addressed a technological session, highlighted the varieties recognized by farm universities in the place.

He stated some of the farmers’ varieties are also in superior need. In simple fact, Gubbi and Tiptur taluks of Tumakuru district have a lot of varieties of purple jackfruit.

He also highlighted the varieties grown and desired by the farmers in coastal Karnataka and Maharashtra.