November 28, 2022


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Aided by early crushing season, Sugar output up 10% at 47.21 lakh tonnes till Nov-end

An early begin to the sugar crushing period in the country’s western region has pushed up the sweetener creation by about a tenth till the end of November. According to the Indian Sugar Mills Affiliation (ISMA), the creation till November 30 this yr was forty seven.21 lakh tonnes compared to 43.02 lakh tonnes in the very same period of time very last yr.

About 416 mills have begun crushing this yr as compared to 409 mills very last yr. In Uttar Pradesh, a hundred and one sugar mills have begun functions as of the end of November and developed 10.39 absence tonnes compared to twelve.sixty five lakh tonnes in the very same period of time very last yr.

In Maharashtra, 172 sugar mills have begun crushing functions this yr compared to 158 sugar mills until November end of very last yr. Till November end, sugar creation in Maharashtra stood at 20.34 lakh tonnes compared with fifteen.79 lakh tonnes very same period of time very last yr.

Likewise, in Karnataka, 66 sugar mills had developed twelve.seventy six lakh tonnes of sugar compared to an output of eleven.eleven lakh tonnes by sixty three mills in the very same period of time very last yr.

In Gujarat, fifteen sugar mills have developed 1.66 lakh tonnes compared to 1.sixty five lakh tonnes in very same period of time very last yr.

ISMA claimed the cane crushing functions in all the other States have also begun, and the tempo of crushing is picking up. About 62 sugar mills are operating in other states that have developed 2.06 lakh tonnes in this period until the end of November, larger than 1.82 lakh tonnes in the very same period of time very last yr.

As for each details furnished by mills and estimations produced by ISMA, full sales in the initially month of the latest period, that is, Oct 2021, was all over 24.fifty lakh tonnes against the domestic sales quota of 24 lakh tonnes offered by the Authorities.

ISMA further more claimed that it was noteworthy that the Authorities had improved the time to provide an added quota of 2.5 lakh tons which was allotted for September-Oct.

Past yr, in the course of the very same period of time, sugar sales ended up 22.73 lakh tonnes as against sales quota of 23 lakh tonnes. This yr sales are larger mainly thanks to the easing of Covid restrictions, larger sales quota (about 26.fifty lakh tonnes which include have about from September 2021), and larger festive need.


Further more, ISMA claimed contracts for sugar exports for about 35 lakh tonnes has by now been contracted for exports in the latest sugar period 2021-22.

Most of these contracts ended up signed when the global sugar charges ended up in the array of 20-21 cents for each pound of raw sugar. Having said that, with a tumble in the global charges to beneath 20 cents, and now to all over eighteen.6 cents for each pound of raw sugar, the Indian sugar mills are not coming ahead to signal further more export contracts.

Thinking of the domestic ex-mill sugar charges in the western and southern component of the region and the global charges of all over 20-21 cents for each pound, prevailing in the very last pair of months, most of the export contracts of the 35 lakh tonnes are by the sugar mills from Maharashtra and Karnataka.

The ex-mill sugar charges in north India are somewhat larger in the western and southern components of the region, and as a result not a lot of export contracts have taken spot from the northern region.

Ethanol creation

ISMA also claimed that taking into consideration that a sizeable quantity of all over 34 lakh tonnes of sugar equal is estimated to get diverted into ethanol creation, the pressure on the sugar mills to immediately contract for further more exports is significantly less. Thus, it seems that the sugar mills will hold out for an upward revision of the global charges to all over 21 cents or more.

The Oil Internet marketing Organizations have invited bids from ethanol suppliers for ethanol offer yr 2021-22 (December-November) in the end of Oct 2021, for 459 crore litres for the specific 10% ethanol mixing with petrol for the region as a whole. The bids ended up opened on November twelve, whereby the ethanol suppliers offered about 414 crore litres of bids for ethanol supplies. Out of this, 333 crore litres have been offered by the sugar field, primarily based on B-major molasses and sugarcane juice as feedstock. This is against all over 216 crore litres equipped in very last yr, from B-major molasses and sugarcane juice. Thus, as against about 20 lakh tonnes of sugar equal diverted into ethanol very last yr, all over 32 lakh tonnes of sugar equal diversion had been offered in the bids.

The OMCs have finalised and issued letters of intent for signing contracts with the ethanol suppliers for 317 crore litres of ethanol supplies in 2021-22 (against the provide of 414 crore litres). Having said that, the OMCs have floated a second EOI for another 142 crore litres, for which the very last day of submission is December three, 2021, ISMA claimed.