July 14, 2024


Expect exquisite business

CIFT develops fertiliser and pet supplement from shrimp shell

With endeavours to acquire economically feasible solutions from fish squander attaining momentum, Kochi-based Central Institute of Fisheries Technology has appear out with two solutions built from shrimp shell squander.

‘Foliar Spray’ is a customised fertiliser with antimicrobial brokers to increase crop produce and enhance condition resistance in plants. The second product is a pet feed complement that is rich in protein, carotenoids, PUFA, calcium and so on.

CIFT develops technology for converting fish squander into aqua feed

To commercialise the technology, Ravishankar CN, Director, CIFT, has inked a memorandum of arrangement with Gangesh Varma, CEO, Quest Bio Organics Personal Ltd, Kolkata.

Rising chances in biofuel sector

Quest Bio Organics is a technology system for investigate, advancement, and commercialisation of agro-horticulture solutions.