May 18, 2024


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Cumin seed, coriander seed output seen up amid favourable climate

Very good monsoon and higher acreage supported by favourable weather problems has brightened crop prospective clients for critical spices crops such as cumin seed (jeera) and coriander seeds (dhana) among many others.

The Federation of Indian Spice Stakeholders (FISS), on Sunday unveiled its crop estimate for cumin seed with a 29-for each cent bounce in the crop dimension from very last yr. The estimated manufacturing for the yr 2020, is estimated at 5,35,five hundred tonnes as in opposition to the estimated four,16,600 tonnes in 2019.

The total location less than jeera has greater by about 25 for each cent at ten,25,600 hectares. Of the two jeera manufacturing states, Gujarat has witnessed forty for each cent bounce in the acreage to four,39,830 hectares for 2020 as in opposition to 3,15,000 hectares very last yr. Though Rajasthan claimed a modest 16 for each cent improve in the cuminseed location at 5,eighty five,770 hectares as in opposition to 5,06,000 hectares very last yr. The all round yield is estimated to be in the selection of 522 kg for each hectares with a marginal improve of 3 for each cent more than very last yr.

“After good monsoon and greater weather, favourable weather problems have supported the crop. Even so, there are some concerns for the following two-3 weeks as most of the crop is even now standing in the fields and any climatic disturbance at this juncture may possibly adversely have an affect on the crop,” said Ashwin Nayak, Chairman, Federation of Indian Spice Stakeholders (FISS) right after the field satisfy in Udaipur on Sunday.

Speaking to Businesline, Nayak also expressed concerns on the rate outlook for the spice crop, which has significant export desire in China and Europe. “Thanks to coronavirus scare, trade is using a strike. This is placing more pressure on the charges, which are previously ruling low because of to higher crop prospective clients. We are even now seeing the following fortnight to acquire a cue for the charges. If the virus just isn’t contained then there is very likely to be a double blow to the jeera charges and may possibly fall even further,” Nayak said.

The spot charges have previously fallen to Rs thirteen,903.55 a quintal, which is Rs 600-seven-hundred fall inside of a thirty day period. Jeera futures for March deal on NCDEX was weaker at Rs thirteen,605.

Coriander crop estimates

For the coriander crop, FISS has projected a sharp 55 for each cent bounce in the all round output in the nation supported by a steep 275-for each cent surge in acreage in Gujarat at one,14,320 hectares this yr as in opposition to 30,five hundred hectares very last yr. The crop dimension in Gujarat is expected to be higher by 293 for each cent to one,fifty two,770 tonnes for the yr.

Coriander crop in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan is projected at one,forty five,470 tonnes and eighty four,830 tonnes respectively. Though Madhya Pradesh is established to have an improve of 25 for each cent in coriander crop, the same in Rajasthan is estimated to fall by about 8 for each cent on yr-on-yr comparision.

“Total location covered less than Coriander has higher by 47% more than very last yr because of to good availability of h2o. Total common yields are marginally higher by 5% from very last yr,” said FISS in its crop estimate for the crop.

Coriander futures are also hammered by the higher crop estimate, as the charges have fallen from Rs 7548 for each quintal in January 2020 to Rs 5835 for the April deal on NCDEX.

Fennel seed and fenugreek estimates

For the other two significant spices crops, fennel seed and fenugreek, FISS has estimated an improve in output by 19 for each cent and 32 for each cent respectively. “All India location covered less than Fennel seed has greater by ten% more than very last yr. On account of higher location & greater yield All India Fennel Seed manufacturing is higher by 19% more than very last yr. Total common yields are showing a greater by 8% from very last yr,” FISS said projecting the all round fennel seed crop at 89,970 tonnes for the yr 2020.

For fenugreek, FISS has projected a crop dimension of one,65,810 tonnes for 2020. “Place covered less than Fenugreek has greater by 30% more than very last yr because of to good availability of h2o. Typical yields are marginally (two%) higher from very last yr. On account of higher location and marginally higher yields fenugreek manufacturing is expected to bounce by 32% more than very last yr,” it said.