April 22, 2024


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How Cloudflare Access Replaces a VPN

The rise of distant perform has caught a lot of organizations off guard. Many companies have only obtained ample VPN licenses and equipment capability to aid a subset of their groups. The surge in distant perform is placing considerable pressure on equally.

Cloudflare Obtain can help you lower pressure on your VPN with a present day approach to authentication for internally-managed purposes. Obtain secures web applications, SSH connections, distant desktops and other protocols with Cloudflare’s world community, in which each and every ask for to the source is evaluated for identity. When corporate applications are safeguarded with Obtain, they come to feel like SaaS applications, and staff members can log in to them with a straightforward and dependable movement.

Here’s how Cloudflare Obtain replaces a VPN with Cloudflare’s community while guaranteeing the highest scalability.