April 21, 2024


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Rabi acreage increases 4% at nearly 600 lakh ha

A significant maximize in planting of wheat, gram and mustard crops pushed up the rabi sown location this 7 days to just about 598 lakh hectares (lh), just about 4.three for each cent higher than 573 lh planted in the corresponding 7 days last calendar year, in accordance to sowing data produced by the Agriculture Ministry on Thursday.

The location less than wheat stood at all-around 313 lh, just about 16 lh more than 297 lh planted in the exact same 7 days in the previous rabi period. The wheat sowing location went by eleven.eighty one lh in Madhya Pradesh, 2.17 lh in Maharashtra, 1.forty seven in Gujarat and by 1 lh in Bihar, although farmers in Rajasthan planted all-around 2 lh much less in the present period.

The location less than gram was all-around 103 lh, 8 for each cent more than all-around 95 lh planted in the exact same interval last calendar year. This maximize in gram location, noted generally from Maharashtra and Gujarat, has led to the location less than pulses heading up to more than 149 lh, 5.4 for each cent more than the corresponding interval in the 2019-20 rabi period. Mustard is a further crop which witnessed file planting this calendar year. The planting has been done in just about seventy two lh, 9 for each cent more than just about sixty six lh sown in the exact same interval last calendar year. This aided the whole oilseeds location go up to just about 79 lh, which is 7 for each cent more than that in the 7 days in the 2019-20 period. Jharkhand and Rajasthan generally accounted for the maximize in oilseeds location.


Drop in wintertime rice sowing

The decrease in planting of jowar, maize and barley resulted in the whole coarse cereals dropping by just about 7 for each cent to forty three lh as when compared to the exact same interval last calendar year. There is a similar decrease in the location less than wintertime rice due to drop in rice location in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

According to drinking water storage produced by the Central H2o Commission on Thursday, a whole of 128 main reservoirs in the nation have cumulate drinking water storage of 127.73 billion cubic metre (BCM), which is 8 for each cent reduce than 138.95 BCM in the corresponding 7 days last 7 days.