July 14, 2024


Expect exquisite business

Sony joins race to develop electric cars

Apple has been exploring methods to enter the market place, while China’s Xiaomi and Huawei are also looking to establish their individual automobiles.

Other tech companies have struggled, nevertheless. Google’s driverless auto spin-off Waymo has said it does not prepare to manufacture its individual cars and trucks, while Dyson scrapped designs to establish an electrical car or truck.

Sony initially unveiled a prototype car or truck two many years ago, and commenced tests it in December 2020 on European streets.

It will allow motorists to use their individual seems this sort of as new music or speech when accelerating and slowing down to change the traditional sounds of petrol-run engines. 

Sony is also tests 5G connections on its cars and trucks, which it said could enable them to be driven remotely.

Shares in Sony rose extra than 4pc in Tokyo next the announcement, reflecting the insatiable desire for electrical auto stocks.

Sony has a long historical past of diving into projects that struggle to reach traction, this sort of as the Betamax online video, Aibo robots and its MiniDisc new music format that was swiftly rendered out of date by MP3 players.

Nevertheless, the business was a chief in skilled online video in the eighties with the Betacam and Hi8 formats, while its Trinitron televisions were long thought of the best on the market place.