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In times of crisis, we need to be more resilient

In 2016, Roger Martin guess his good friend Jonathan Haidt, the social psychologist, $10,000 that Donald Trump would earn the presidential election. He would make distinct he did not vote for the Republican candidate, “but I’m a system guy and I thought the system of Hillary [Clinton] was horrible. And the system of Donald Trump was brilliant”.

Four many years on, the administration thinker — who was born in rural Canada, but now life in south Florida — has an even even bigger guess on November’s poll: that whoever wins will enact Prof Martin’s agenda to “save American democratic capitalism” and change the US absent from what he sees as its damaging obsession with ever greater efficiency.

He concedes it is much more likely that the progressive wing of the Democratic social gathering would acquire up his suggestions than a next-expression President Trump would. But he appears as sceptical about

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