July 14, 2024


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Taliban Cheer U.S. Exit From Afghanistan, Vow to Enforce Islamic Rule as Biden Stands By Pullout

Taliban fighters and their supporters rallied throughout Afghanistan to celebrate the finish of twenty years of foreign navy existence on Tuesday, when in Washington, President Biden defended his selection to finish the conflict as nicely as the execution of the evacuation and withdrawal.

The Taliban pledged to employ rigorous Islamic rule, as standard Afghans, many of them bewildered and afraid, grappled with the unsure long run ahead. Tens of hundreds of Afghans however desperately sought to go away the country by overland routes, and many—particularly in Kabul—viewed the new era in Afghanistan’s bloody background with concern and apprehension as the country’s financial crisis deepened.

Speaking about 24 several hours soon after a senior officer stepped on a C-17 cargo aircraft to turn into the final U.S. provider member to depart the country, Mr. Biden explained the U.S.-led airlift of extra than 120,000 Us residents, Afghans and others out of the chaos in Kabul in just more than two weeks as an “extraordinary success.”

“No country has at any time performed something like it in all of background,” he reported. “Only the United States had the capacity and the will and capability to do it, and we did it these days.”

Noting 13 U.S. provider associates have been killed in the “mission of mercy,” the president reported, “We owe them and their households a credit card debt of gratitude we can never ever repay, but we ought to never ever, at any time, at any time forget.”