July 14, 2024


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The Road to Intelligent Infrastructure

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Integrating AI that can optimise your workload, taking into account VMs, physical servers, networks and storage.

In the first of our four-part series on intelligent infrastructure, Computer Business Review joins Hitachi Vantara CTO Tom Christensen to talk building AI into automation engines across an infrastructure estate, in order to optimise performance.

As Christensen puts it: “Looking at your entire ecosystem — from VM to physical server; network, to storage — this can tie everything together.

“So when you spin up a VM and you want to run it on, say, node 25, the storage system might pop up and say ‘hey, that’s not clever, because on Thursday between 1pm-2pm you’ll have a performance problem; I know your workload’”.

Next up in the Intelligent Infrastructure conversations:

  • Infrastructure is everywhere….. So is your data (16th April)
  • One Architecture for Edge to Cloud (22nd April)
  • A change to how customers acquire IT going forward (30th April)

To join us live just register here, or if you prefer to watch at another time just go to cbronline.com 24 hours later.