April 14, 2024


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U.K. to Ban Travelers From South America Because of New Covid-19 Strain

The U.K. will close its borders to travelers from South America and Portugal on Friday as concern grows above a new Covid-19 variant that scientists believe emerged in the Brazilian Amazon, a region that has struggled to cope with the disorder.

The variant, which shares similarities with the very infectious kinds discovered in Britain and South Africa, was reported in Japan earlier this month amongst a group of travelers who experienced not long ago returned from the Amazon and was also dependable for a situation of re-an infection in the extensive Brazilian state of Amazonas, scientists stated.

The U.K. Division for Transport stated Thursday it would refuse entry from early Friday to anybody who has traveled from or by way of South America and Portugal in the past ten days. The ban also features Panama and the Portuguese-speaking African country Cape Verde.

“The decision to ban vacation from these places follows the discovery of a new coronavirus variant initial discovered in Brazil, that could have spread to countries with potent vacation one-way links to Brazil,” the office stated Thursday.

Infectious disorder professionals in the Amazon have lengthy feared that the tricky-strike region could come to be a breeding floor for mutations of the virus as the area overall health method verges on collapse.