April 20, 2024


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Vidharbha region farmers in a fix over rains, pest attack on pulse crop

The bountiful rains in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra have also introduced in its share distress to the farmers with crops this sort of as Moong, Urad and Toor dal experiencing pests attacks primary to main crop losses.

Vidarbha is situated in jap Maharashtra, and it borders Madhya Pradesh in the north and Chhattisgarh in the east.

In Akola district alone almost 90 per cent of the moong (eco-friendly gram) crop planted around 21,989 hectares have been misplaced because of to attacks by sucking pests and plant viruses. The sucking pests bore holes in the plant, which makes it vulnerable to secondary bacterial infections by viruses. Urad has also been planted around 15,383 hectares with about forty per cent crop losses.

Farmer Vilas Tathod from Talegaon Wadner village in Telhara taluka in Akola reported that his moong crop planted around a few-acre farmland had been totally ruined because of to attacks by a sucking pest, which in nearby parlance is named Bhendya. Related attacks have also been claimed on urad in the neighbouring villages. If a farmer pays very good notice to his farm, then he can get about three hundred to five hundred kg of moong per acre. But the assault is so severe that not even 5 kg has been harvested. Despite 4 pesticide sprays the crop could not be saved, moreover the nearby agriculture college at Akola city has no solutions to our challenges, he reported.

Sucking pests are insects, which feed on the plant sap and in the course of action it also makes the plant vulnerable to mosaic virus assault.

Framer Lalait Bhale from Akoli Jahangir village near Akot city in Akola district reported that this calendar year rainfall has been continuous and without a split. The rains designed the underdeveloped village roads with encompassing black cotton soil very slimy and almost unattainable to travel. In this sort of ailments, the farmers could not attain their fields and even harvest the crops, which designed the crops further more vulnerable to the attacks.

A governing administration formal reported the farmers could not entry their fields because of to water inundation resulting in crop injury. Pests are voracious eaters and to command them the pesticide sprays need to be designed on time. This Kharif time moong and urad are almost penned off in Vidarbha and only toor dal, which is a longer gestation crop is getting saved.