April 22, 2024


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What Do You Need to Know About Search Engine Optimisation Service

As discussed in previous articles, Search Engine Optimisation can be incredibly mind-numbing. With all the homework and endless hours of research needed to succeed with the campaign in progress, it is no wonder that an seo consultant will revert to a more direct route to get his client’s website on the first page of Google and any other search engines that are relevant to the prosperity of that client’s company.

SEO – The alternative

Having exhausted all avenues possible to establish a website on the internet, a Search Engine Optimisation consultant should consider listing it with Google Places. Google Places is easily the most direct way of getting a client’s website on the first page of Google. The only negative aspect of the procedure is that it can take weeks and sometimes months for a listing to be verified. 

The listing will show all relevant information associated with the company being promoted, their full business address, all significant phone numbers, hours of business, photos, videos, payment details, and of course, a brief description of the company’s past, present and future ambitions.

SEO – Patience is a virtue

Once the listing is complete it needs to be verified by Google, this verification comes in the form of a pin code which will be sent via a postcard and should take two to three weeks to arrive, but unfortunately, this method is not foolproof as in many cases the letter is either late or doesn’t turn up at all. This can be extremely frustrating, and sadly it is not an uncommon occurrence. Still, Google is always implementing new rules and regulations that we all have to adhere to. Getting annoyed about the situation is pointless.

When the pin code does eventually arrive and has been entered into the appropriate little box, it can take up to six weeks for a listing to show up on the proper map. If a company’s website shows up in the first seven places on that map and, more importantly, in the “A” position, the amount of revenue generated by the extra traffic to that website will justify the patience that has been shown by the Search Engine Optimisation consultant.

SEO – The end game

Suppose the Search Engine Optimisation consultant has been truly proficient in his/her attempts to generate more interest in a client’s website. In that case, the money received for the efforts made will be more than justified. Advertising costs can be cut by at least 75%, enabling the client to use the extra revenue that has been saved more productively and profitably. Any work carried out to improve the credibility of any given website can only be a good thing. Still, it takes a great deal of hard work, and only time will tell if all the consultant’s endeavors have been successful.

Search Engine Optimisation is something that should be considered by any company that feels that their website is not getting the right exposure to the general public, and by implementing the right strategies will, in time, pay dividends.