October 2, 2023


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Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Flight Package with British Airways

People who consume aeroplane food rarely praise it – and they have good reason not to. Due to space constriction, the galley of an aircraft is not a conducive place for the creation of gourmet delicacies. The food in aeroplanes tends to be unappetising and bland. The fact that our taste buds and nasal cavities change and get new heightened tastes because of the high altitude and low humidity levels because of recycled air do not help matters. However, we cannot blame everything that is bad about airline food on the 35,000 feet altitude. Here are 5 reasons to upgrade and start off your trip to Golden Mare Barbati with luxury and relaxation.

1. A Culinary Delight

On getting a Club World upgrade, you can expect meticulously prepared three-course dishes created from fresh and prime locally-sourced ingredients. Meals are inspired by the freshest produce of the season and they are elegantly served. The dishes you will get are a feast for all of the senses.

People with dietary restrictions and preferences are also catered for with menu choices incorporating gluten-free and vegan choices.

With a Club World pass, even the service of meals has been altered. You get to choose from a menu of starters, desserts and plates of cheese. Additionally, the china and glassware has also been overhauled and given a stylish sleek look. The new Club World food selection and service options will be available on all routes from London Heathrow by late 2019 and on all London Gatwick routes in the early stages of 2019.

2. Turn the Air into Your Home

British Airways also offers travellers Club Kitchen. This is a space set aside for travellers to eat whatever delicacies tickle their fancy. This can be either ‘naughty’ treats or a range of healthy snacks. If you feel like taking a few bites either prior to or after taking your meal, you can venture into the galley and indulge in retro sweets, chocolates from Cadbury, fresh fruits, crisps and salads.

Passengers also have access to a selection of Twinings teas and infusions. These range from Earl Grey tea and the traditional English breakfast tea to refreshing infusions that contain peppermints and pure green tea. Travellers can also expect a new blend of coffee – Union Hand Roasted Coffee from coffee artisans.

3. Enjoy Fantastic Bottled Wine

Robert Louis Stevenson said wine was bottled poetry and British Airways are working hard to prove his words true. You can expect to receive a great wine list to accompany your menu or you can request the wine to sip as you relax. The airline has incorporated both new-world and old-world wines in their list.

Aside from the wines, they are also offering choice champagnes, premium spirits and mixers which include Fever Tree Tonic, Tanqueray gin, Glenlivet Master Distiller’s Reserve Whiskey and Cîroc vodka. What’s more they are also offering some very interesting and tempting aperitifs.

4. Lie Down and Float to La La land

In the spirit of appreciating good rest, British Airways have come up with Club World cabins that will make travellers simply want to lie down.

They have used spacious seats that can convert into a flat comfortable bed and added bedding that is the definition of true luxury. The airline has teamed up with The White Company – a luxury homeware brand to give travellers a quilted mattress topper, fluffy full-size pillow, a beautiful soft blanket and cosy duvet. Passengers can use any of the items they like in this list. All the linen is 200-thread-count pure cotton that gives the reassuring crisp comfort and all the items provided by the airline are hypoallergenic.

5. Travel in a Sophisticated Yet Serene Environment

To help passengers sleep and relax, the airline maintains low lighting Club World cabins. The service is also designed to be attentive yet non-invasive. For example, during long flights, the crew notes down the preferences of different passengers to avoid disturbing them during the flight.

If you are not sleepy during the flight, you can choose from a wide range of entertainment options such as on-demand films, music, audio books and games which you can then stream to your own personal flat screen display that also has noise-cancellation headphones.

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