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Posts published in “Day: May 4, 2020”

Revenue and 5G Licensing Grows But FTC Looms

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“The notion that these agreements are heading away essentially is not a element, for the reason that it under no circumstances was an difficulty with this court opinion the way that came out.”

Qualcomm has posted a solid second quarter with income expansion of 5 percent bringing its complete to $five.21 billion (£4.1), this is despite a sizeable fall in handset shipments which they be expecting to fall by thirty percent total in the following quarter.

Qualcomm is greatly associated in the output of chipsets that are being integrated into most 5G gadgets and as these kinds of it has found its 5G license agreements jump from 5 to 85 because last quarter. They have also just signed very long-term license agreements with Chinese handset suppliers OPPO and Vivo to include 5G multi-manner cell gadgets.

Shipments of handsets ended up down by around 21 percent YoY. Qualcomm

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