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Posts published in “Day: May 14, 2020”

Arjun Indo Agro Oils to open a 50,000 tonnes capacity refinery in Angre Port

Arjun Indo Agro Oils Ltd, the edible-oil generating subsidiary of Kolhapur-centered Arjun Refineries, will open up an edible oil refining and packaging facility at Angre port in Jaigad found in Maharashtra’s Ratnagiri district. It plans to tap into a potential thrown up by the new Central federal government ban on import of refined palm oil, concentrating on top suppliers Indonesia and Malaysia.

Arjun Indo Agro Oils will lease five acres of industrial backup land from the Chowgule Group-promoted Angre Port Pvt Ltd, which runs the Angre port, for 30 a long time to build the refinery and packaging unit with an investment of ₹30 crore, Santosh Vasant Shinde, the founder and operator of Arjun Indo Agro Oils instructed BusinessLine.

The facility will have a ability of fifty,000 tonnes per 12 months and would be ramped up to one hundred,000 tonnes in Stage Two. It will also deliver refined soya

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