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Everything You Need to Know about an Adventure in Borneo

Take a Dive with the Turtles

Can you imagine having a front row seat on a gorgeous beach surrounded by hawksbill turtles just begging for a swim with you? This is the type of journey that is waiting for you on the crystal clear waters of the island of Sipadan.

This island is no larger than 40 acres but it manages to offer a stunning forest filled with a wide variety of wildlife that is going to take your breath away. While the turtles are a primary spectacle, there is so much more to explore with Borneo Dream. The surrounding waters are filled with marine life including the curious looking batfish and schools of bright yellow snappers. Swim over incredible black coral reefs while you gaze at turtles near the West Ridge. In an area that is filled with over 3,000 types of fish, there is always an exciting natural show.

Journey To Mount Kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu is known as the highest mountain between the Himalayas and New Guinea and stands at 4095 metres above sea level. This particular location offers visitors an incredibly well-maintained path which will lead to the highest via ferrata, 3776 metres above the sea level.

As you make this incredible journey, always be sure to be looking up. The area is a dream come true for anyone interested in botany. Featuring over 5000 types of plants, 1200 varieties of orchids and an incredible lush carpet of moss, it is truly stunning. While the plants are quite spectacular in their own right, the animals truly take centre stage. You will want to be on the lookout for frogs, gibbons and the occasional orangutan.

River Dreaming

The highway through the jungles of Borneo can be found in the form of the mighty Kinabatangan River. The land features local tribesman as well as pygmy elephants and proboscis monkeys – a land taken directly out of a child’s storybook! One of the best ways of ensuring you capture all of the local gifts in this area is by way of a local river tour. Cruising along the Kinabatangan is the best opportunity to focus in on crocs, monitor lizards and the orangutan. As you direct your attention to the sky, you may see a kingfisher or hornbill soaring by.

To quench your thirst for adventure, be sure to check out the Gomantong Caves. Found under the area’s largest limestone hills, you will find an incredible maze of caves, this being the largest and only one that is open to the public. In addition to being the largest it is also the darkest with the name of black cave. If you are able to get past the incredible stench, cockroaches and bats flying above your head, this is an incredible journey in the area. To kick things up a notch, why not try a tour at dusk?

Variety Is the Spice of Life

While Borneo may not show up in the culinary radar, that may change. However, until that happens, there is always an eclectic culinary delight to be found in the area. Local chefs love to use local spices that are found in the rainforest to spice up their food allowing for a unique culinary delight. To add a little jungle spice to your life, seek out a Nasi Lemak trader.

One of the main staple selections of foods in the area consist of fish, rice, local vegetables and noodles. This is perhaps why the clay pot soup is so widely seen. This tasty noodle-based broth is a local treasure whether it is filled to the brim with prawns, squid or local fish. For something with a bit more of a punch, try the local hinava. This is a popular dish in Sabah and is made with local filleted mackerel and then loaded with lime, bambangan seed, chilli and ginger.

Fill the Forest with Music

Located deep within the jungle, one may stumble upon the Sarawak Cultural Village which was founded to help showcase and preserve the local talent and traditions of local tribes. This location will also house the annual Rainforest World Music Festival which brings 24,000 people from across the world to a three day music filled event.

Began in 1988, this event cater to local and worldwide entertainers looking for a unique place to perform. It is the best seat in the house to get an up close look at many customs, songs, dance and overall culture in a true location of beauty. Throughout the day there are many educational workshops, while night brings out an atmosphere of song and dance. There is much food and drink to discover as well as local arts and crafts to browse and purchase for a fond memory of the event.

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