September 25, 2023


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The Best 5 Reasons to Visit Spain

Spain is a place full of surprises… and let us not mention the amazing beaches, shopping and sunbathing. A visit to Spain is backed by many amazing destinations, such that making a choice of the places to tour is hard. Whether it’s a stag do in Lisbon or a celebration in Madrid, a visit to Spain is always well worth the price.

We’re highlighting The Best 5 Reasons to Visit Spain accompanied by our Best Holiday Recommendations to help in your decision…

1. Breathtaking Scenes

From the spectacular backdrop of imposing mountains to the countless magnificent beaches hugging the coastlines, Spain is a country blessed with inspiring landscapes and natural beauty. If awesome scenes and unique landscapes captivate you, then our top recommendation is to tour the striking volcanic landscapes and panoramic views of Tenerife.

2. Magnificent Beaches

Just imagine that Spain’s coastline is 5,000 miles long and has hundreds of beaches! Every place you will visit is only some short distance from the beach. From unexplored, obscure alcoves to popular holiday spots, the beach is open to everyone for almost the whole year. 300 days of sunshine mean you will enjoy sunbathing! This amazing country also possesses the highest number of blue flag beaches, so you’ll have no excuse! With hundreds of beaches to pick from, you will be torn between options! Costa de la Luz is one of the top places we suggest you have to visit. Situated close to the Portuguese border, in the Andalucía region, this area is famous for its picturesque beaches and is a favourite for sun worshippers. Since it is not as popular as other famous tourist resorts in Spain, Costa de la Luz offers you several unspoiled coastlines, crystal-clear turquoise waters and hidden coves to enjoy.

3. Fabulous Cuisine

A lot of people say that one of the major attractions in Spain is the amazing dishes that are on offer. The lively cities are full of bubbly tapas bars and Michelin-starred restaurants, while smaller town restaurants and cafes serve delicious traditional foods such as chorizo, seafood stew and paella, made from traditional recipes. Spanish food is famous for its rich taste, healthy ingredients and flavour, so there are plenty of unique foods that will leave you yearning for more. Also, Barcelona, the largest city in the region, is renowned for its original tapas bars.

4. Suave & Cultural Cities

Which cities do you want to visit in Spain? Barcelona, Seville, Madrid, Valencia… all are great must-visit places, and there are many more. The radiant cities of Barcelona and Madrid are famous throughout the world for their rich culture and thriving art scene, impressive museums, fabulous food and marvellous shopping choices. Seville, is also breathtaking, providing tourists with a peek into its rich cultural heritage, from architectural designs to flamenco dancing. With so many exciting choices, it’s hard to decide, maybe you’ll just visit each one of them! One gem that is out of the limelight is Salamanca, a vibrant historical town that we highly recommend.

5. Villages Full of Life

Southern Spain is a tourist’s dream showcasing spectacular scenery, amazing beaches and excellent climatic conditions. However, one beautiful feature that is overlooked is the scenic whitewashed towns and villages that spread across the mountainous Andalucía region. Previously fishing and farming areas, a lot of these local treasures succumbed to many years of neglect but have been rehabilitated by visitors and locals who have reinstated their allure. These lively villages lined with whitewashed houses, fanciful cobbled streets, graceful churches and ruins are attractive views, and despite growing into popular traveller destinations in the recent past, they still possess their ancient beauty!